closed beta testing of new content
Beta starts: Saturday, May 29,
around 10:00 AM PDT = 1:00 PM EDT

1. First you need to sign up at

2. You have a VR ready PC and headset
(Oculus Quest + PC will do)

3. You live in one of the following regions:
North America

4. You can playtest the game on May 29, at the scheduled time
How it works
You accept the NDA and send us your email and Discord username, so that we can grant you beta access
This beta testing is covered by the same Non-disclosure agreement agreement that you accepted earlier on
We pick 100 testers and grant them access to the game
You'll get an email from Joy Way and a message on Discord from Penitent_One (Arthur)#7031
If you are accepted for the beta, you should join our Discord server
All further instructions will be there
Testers start playing the new content at the exact time (around 10:00 AM PDT = 1:00 PM EDT), recording their entire gameplay
You will need to play for about 1 hour.

If it's possible, Tester should provide a video of the Game gameplay with voice comments containing the tester's personal opinion of the certain aspects of the game while playing it.

Alternatively, Tester can send us the feedback in written form, BUT the gameplay footage is still required if you choose this option.
Testers shall send us their footage and feedback by the evening of May 31, 2021
The footage should be sent before 23:59 EDT on Monday, May 31.

The footage can be uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox or YouTube (unlisted, link-only access).

We will also ask you to fill out a small feedback form.

If you have any questions - dm Penitent_One (Arthur)#7031 on Discord or send us an email.
Take part in future STRIDE beta testings (optional)
Everyone who meets the requirements and deadlines will be invited to future beta tests.
Sign me up for the beta!
Your email address that you used to sign up on
Your Discord username
Your country of residence
Your time zone (if its not listed here, choose the best applicable time zone)
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