STRIDE is a story parkour action game in virtual reality. Battle enemies in the canopy of a quarantined metropolis. Experience the feeling of vertigo as you stream between rooftops and flow across balconies in your effort to save the city.
* STRIDE. net is released as a public alpha as free add-on to the base game and cannot be purchased separately. Everyone who has a copy of STRIDE on their Steam account, get STRIDE. net as a separate app to their library

Game modes
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Infinite level generation provides unlimited challenging terrain.
Time run
Time Run mode. Test your parkour-at-speed skills in a race against the clock.
Arena mode. A spacious varied-terrain arena with waves of enemies. Perfect for practicing tricks and refining your shooting skills.
In Story Mode you'll come to understand the origin of this dystopian metropolis, why it's crawling with gun-toting bad guys, why they're out to get you, and what you must do to stop them
An online multiplayer STRIDE mode where players can find endless fun competing in various online battles in urban environments perfectly tailored for parkour action.
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